Matric dresses

Buying Matric dresses

We not only make custom made matric dresses, we also sell them. Should you come in, and we have a matric dance dress already made that you love, then the dress is yours. All our matric dresses are made with care, and are also within the latest trends. We will make you look fashionable and pretty at the same time. We have amazing matric dresses already made and ready to be bought.



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Fashionable Matric dresses

We understand how important it is to have the best matric dress of the night. That is why we have fashionable and trendy dress. Having your matric dress made is also a great way for you set a trend and let people know who you are. Even if you find a dress warn by a celebrity, we can make it for you. All your friends will see how fashion forward you are.

Matric dress designs

Any dress you like we can make for you. There is nothing we cannot make. Any design you can think of, we can make. We have a highly skilled staff, that understands how to make women and young women look beautiful. We specialise in all dresses that put a smile on our clients face. Any design is good enough for us. The day is all about you.

Matric dress and make up

You have to look fabulous in your matric dress, and your make up also has to look great. Finding the right look for yourself is not hard, there are people that specialise in applying make up. So to complete the day, try and find the right make up. Make up completes the look.

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