Matric dance dresses

Matric is the final year of high school and the matric dance is the best day of the matric year. Everybody knows that when the day comes you have to be prepared. Matric dance dresses have now become very trendy and fashionable. You no longer have to have the puffy Cinderella look.

These days matric dance dresses set a trend for the rest to follow. Seeing as matric is your last year, it is always great to go out with a bang, what better day then on your matric farewell.

Your dress has to make a statement, of beauty and independence. We have the most stunning matric dance dresses in Johannesburg. Our matric dance dresses are of the latest trend and catwalk fashions.

Red short dress
Red short dress

Gorgeous pink flowing matric dress

single strap green full length dress

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Custom made matric dance dresses

With us, you can have the matric dance dress of your dreams. Some ladies start designing their matric dance dresses as early as grade 11. There is nothing wrong with that, this only means you are preparing early. Knowing what dress you want is important. All you have to do is come in with your design and we can make sure that your vision becomes a reality. You can the matric dance of your dreams in no time. Our team of designers is the best, and they know what they are doing. They have been designing for years. They have the skills to put you work of art together.

Matric dance dress what is the cost and how long to make?

Matric dance dresses are slowly changing, the designs from 10yrs ago, are not the same as the designs we have today. Our matric dance dresses are highly affordable, and look amazing. The making of a matric dance dress does not take too long. The amount of time, depends on the design, and the material used to make the dress. We can have your dress ready way before the big day. We can make you look like a princess in no time.

Quality matric dance dresses

Our dresses are of the best quality. The material used is of the best quality too. We want the best for you on your day, all your friends will be green with envy at how beautiful your dress is. With us you can be sure of a beautiful matric dance dress.

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